Evidence Based Investment & Strategy

Unlike the majority of the money management industry, we don’t try to predict the daily, weekly or monthly movements of financial markets – and research over the past 50 years has confirmed that no-one else can do this either, no matter how big a firm is or how many analysts they employ.

We do know that it is not necessary to accurately predict the future to have a successful long-term investment experience. Wealth is neither created nor preserved by merely moving money from one investment to another, from one asset class to another, or from one money manager to another.

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”
George Bernard Shaw

Independent investment advice based on evidence

Our evidence-based investment approach is transparent and based on academic research. Over the long term we have achieved consistently strong results whilst using strategies to protect client portfolios against volatile markets.

We offer a high-quality investment solution that is:

  1. Broadly diversified, low cost and tax efficient.
  2. A disciplined and structured approach so that we are not guessing with your money.
  3. Is founded in academic research to gain every edge we can in volatile markets.
  4. It is the best way to protect and grow your wealth so you have the highest chance of achieving your goals

As much as we use evidence and science to construct portfolios, it is patience, discipline and human emotions that will ultimately determine the success of our investment strategies.

Our ongoing counselling will help you adhere to your investment plan and significantly improve its chance of success.